We are Rich and Ana Eurich,
Corinthian Ministries was developed from a desire to follow God’s calling to do His ministry through music and technology. In 2013, after much prayer and research, we felt God was leading us toward helping smaller churches with needs to improve their worship service; so we sold our home and went into full time ministry traveling in our RV to help smaller churches with their sound/video system, music and worship team needs.
We know that the mega churches have the finances and resources to put together great productions, and we believe that smaller churches (who don't have the same knowledge and/or financial resources) should be offered the help to improve or start a modern technology program, music program and/or worship team without excessive costs.
Ana is experienced in playing keyboard, singing, writing Christian music and setting up and leading worship teams.
I design, troubleshoot and install audio and video systems as well as train people in running and maintaining the systems. We have helped smaller churches with needs from simple wiring problems to designing and building sound booths and everything in between.
In addition, we design websites and we can help in setting up and leading Bible studies, as a Pastor  I can fill in and preach where needed. There are so many possibilities when it comes to worship service technology, and we hope to be able to help as many churches as possible improve their worship services to better glorify Jesus Christ and bring the word of God to the lost.
We pray that if your church has a need, you will contact us so we can talk about helping your church.
God Bless,
Rich and Ana
Corinthian Ministries